EZIP 100ml

  • $7.76

At last a really effective answer to sticky zips on shooting luggage, slips, holdalls, clothing and of course the dreaded welly boots. Footwear in particular suffers from snagging zips, which is hardly surprising when you consider all the muck, and gritty mud that gets into them. EZIP simply sprayed directly onto the offending zipper, will penetrate the teeth and by gently working the zip a few times will evenly coat the whole zip surface making sure that it runs smoothly and stays that way. Even on new products, metal, or plastic type zips run without sticking with just a single application of EZIP.

It will greatly extend the life of the items, as zip failure is the most common reason for scrapping clothing, footwear and luggage.

Ezip is a registered trade mark of Napier ltd.

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