About Us

Napier of London, have been at the forefront of gun care for decades, and are the chosen supplier of award winning formulations and designs to many leading gunmakers around the world.

All Napier of London products are designed and a majority are made in England to our exacting standards.

Napier of London
Napier of London

Available to most worldwide locations, shooters in the UK, Europe, USA and beyond enjoy the features and quality in all Napier products, and now we are proud to extend that reach to NEW ZEALAND, Napier of London Ltd NZ has been formed to serve the NZ population from a local NZ operated business in Hawkes Bay, and to ensure that all products are available from stock.

We believe that all customers, retail and dealer should be able to source the very best items, at realistic rates so by bulk shipping direct from our UK manufacturing centres we are able to offer all Napier products at the very best prices.