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How to clean a shotgun

How to clean a shotgun - from Napier. In this video Napier show you how to clean your shotgun using their excellent products.

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How to clean a rifle

How to clean a rifle by Napier. In this video Napier show you how to clean your rifle using their excellent products. Since this was filmed we have introduced the new Silensave, please see this product and use as part of your cleaning regime.

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How to clean an Air Rifle

How to clean an Air Rifle by Napier. In this video Napier show you how to clean your airgun using their excellent products. Steve from Napier shows you how to clean an air rifle, in this simple, easy to follow video.

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Apex auto click

Stalking with the Apex Auto Click

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Roe stalking with the Apex Predator

In this Shooting Show special feature, lead cameraman Byron's got his hands on a new accessory that could change the way you stalk: the Apex Predator from Napier.

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The Apex Ready Sled by Napier of London

APEX READY SLED has been designed to allow carcass extraction from those places where you simply cannot drive.Dragging a dead weight especially when alone is sometimes just an impossible task, often a hunter takes a perfect shot only to realise that there is now a huge task ahead.

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The Apex Tree Hugger by Napier of London

Apex Tree Hugger is designed for easy processing of ALL DEER SPECIES AND BOAR UP TO 200kg. We recommend larger animals are handled in combination with Apex Auto lift.

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Apex Airglo by Napier of London

All hunters know how quickly a stalk can go horribly wrong if the wind changes direction part way through an approach, so successful stalkers use skill, and appropriate kit to maximise their performance.

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Napier Apex Auto Lift

Designed to complement and attach to the Apex Autoclick, Tree Hugger and the new Truck click. Apex Autolift is the perfect way to handle larger deer species and wild boar.

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VP90 Corrosion Protection

Developed, formulated and produced in England by Napier of London, VP90 is designed specifically for the needs of shooters in the most extreme conditions on earth.

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Napier of London VP90 Super Shield

Steve Rowe from Napier of London demonstrates the correct way to use VP90 Super Shield and Formula X. QVC. The video is a few years old now and prices have changed since it was recorded.

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London Gun Stock Finish

Step by step guide to renovate and protect wooden gun stocks (Rifles, Shotguns, Airguns, Pistols).

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Napier IWA 2019

Napier has ensured that all new products are immediately available in New Zealand as part of our commitment to providing universal service.

Products launched at the show