A1000 Spare lens, 6 options available.

  • $32.11

Choose from 6 interchangeable lenses in Sodium Yellow, Smoke Grey, Bronze, Vermillion, Lilac or Grey Polarised. Every possible lighting condition is catered for.

Grey: Good for highest light level conditions this lens reduces eye fatigue, provides true colour perception and minimizes glare.

Vermillion: Ideal for low lighting and enhancing orange clays. This lens improves visual depth, reduces eye strain, enhances visibility and offers the greatest amount of contrast.

Sodium: Ideal for fog, haze and extreme weather conditions this lens filters out blue light.

Bronze: Good for general use and everyday conditions, this lens enhances contrast and contains a red element to improve depth perception.

Lilac: Good for low light levels and impact protection without colour change.

Polarised: These lenses are laminated with tiny vertical stripes that only allow vertically angled light to enter the wearer's eyes. Glare is eliminated because the horizontal light waves cannot bypass the vertical filter.


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