Apex Truck Click

  • $356.37


Designed for use with all trucks, side opening and split gate vehicles. The Apex Truckclick allows any carcass including larger Deer and Boar to be suspended quickly and safely. Each Truckclick comes complete with an Apex Auto Lift allowing one hunter to easily perform a suspended gralloch and maintain control of large game. Simply click on to any tow bar in less than a minute. The Truck click is also ideal for quad bikes and agricultural machinery.

Safely supports upto 200kg

Effortless 1 man operation

Complete with Apex Auto Lift

No tools required

Allows full access to load area

Compact easily stored Made in England

Note: A tow bar isn't essential as the Truck click can easily be attached to a secure point on any vehicle, fence, gate or building. See the image below where a Truck click has been attached to an eye loop on the front chassis of an FJ Cruiser.


A spares kit is also available for DIY replacement of all plastic parts and metal spring clips.


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