Protector 1 Secure Stalker

  • $314.87

Our popular slip made especially for stalkers, designed to hold a rifle with scope and bipod, this bag is large enough for virtually any rifle up to a maximum of 122cm (48”) x 28cm (11”). Supplied with full size outer pocket and made in waterproof NATEX the Stalker also features detachable shoulder and waist straps. It is the ideal way to travel with your rifle and leaves both hands free when moving over difficult terrain or when dragging a carcass.

All Protector 1 secure Stalker bags are supplied with strong two part locking hasp that fits neatly in the outer pocket of the bag. Leather closer panel ensures the bag remains waterproof and the security cord or padlock is simply attached to the hasp when in position. The gun remains inside the bag when secured, with no risk of damage to the gun. Several guns may be attached using just one security cord.

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